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Daily Specials: Sales Lead

Rice 50 lbs
Peruano Beans 50 lbs 
Pinto Beans 50 Lbs 
Black Beans 50 Lbs 
Round Tomato 22 lbs 
Roma Tomato 25 lbs 
Gray Squash 25 Lbs 
Green tomato 40 Lbs 
Cucumber 50 Lbs 
Avocado small 84s 
Avocado Lg 40/48 
Mango Medium 10s
Mango Lg 6/7/8s 
Mango Manila 18s
Mango Manila 12s
Watermelon case 4/5/6/8
Pineapple 5/6/7
Pineapple 8s

Orange Valencia 38 lbs 
White Coconut 20s 
Mandarine 38 lbs 
Green Limes 38 lbs 
K Lime 500s  
Yellow Lemon 95s 
Jalapeno Pepper 38 lbs 
Green Chile 23 Lbs
Yellow Chile 32 lbs 
Green Bell Pepper 22 lbs
Red Bell Pepper 22 lbs 
Dry Red Onion 25 lbs 
Yellow Onion 50 Lbs 
White Onion 50 Lbs 
Tamarind 30 lbs 
Jamaica (hisbiscus flour) 25 lbs 
Piloncillo 30 lbs 
Also salsas, snacks, and many other items

Daily Specials: Our Products
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